What’s to like about sex, anyway?

https://www.bleuepil.com/viagra-contre-indications.html of the things about sex is the mythology. As we grow up, it starts off as this mysterious thing that adults do. Then as we begin to physically mature, it becomes more obvious what adults do and the anticipation begins to build. With friends, we speculate on what it will feel like, we bet on which one of us will be the first. Stories flash round school — that P is a stud, that Q is a slut. Gender stereotypes are formed early. Except that all too often, the first fumbling efforts are a disappointment. Those snatched moments of pleasure are uncomfortable and slightly embarrassing. Then you get into a relationship and the real question gets asked. What’s to like about sex, anyway? It’s something you do with the same person, over and over again. It gets boring after a month or so. But then we fall in love.

Ah, this mysterious thing called love. According to the guys who write pop songs, there ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone and you always have her on your mind. Suddenly, there’s supposed to be a whole new meaning to the repeated act. Now it’s an affirmation of your continuing love and affection. Except that you’re not always in the mood at the same time and what was exciting at first grows less so. What should a couple do when there’s less sex? Should this be considered a medical problem? Everything is probably working as it should. It’s just there’s less interest. This thing called libido is replaced by a growing loneliness as the two that were one become two again.

Of course, a man is supposed to be driven by the desire to have hot, passionate sex every night. The myths of frequency and enjoyment cling tightly to us. If there are problems, they can so easily be fixed by taking the little blue pill. Even if we failed to get an erection for the last two or three nights, viagra can fix everything. Except it can’t. Viagra only works to produce an erection when we are sexually stimulated. If, for some reason, we stop finding sex so interesting, no pill in the world is going to save us from our own lack of desire. Then perhaps we discover that we remain in love with our partners but not in love with sex. Alternatively, we find the relationship is at an end and go find a new interest in sex with a new partner.

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