Generic Levitra ED Pills – Using Vardenafil

Generic Levitra is an FDA-recommended medication for any man, at any age, who is combating erectile dysfunction, which is the inability to achieve and maintain and erection during sexual activity with a partner. There is no set age for the onset of erectile dysfunction, though it is more prevalent in men who are in their 50s and 60s. According to a research study by Pfizer (the maker of another FDA-approved ED pill, Viagra), most men who take medication for erectile dysfunction are in their 50s. Young men can also get erectile dysfunction and it is often the result of various psychological issues, including low self confidence, low self esteem, and performance anxiety. Once ingested, Generic Levitra’s main drug, Vardenafil, inhibits the PDE5 enzyme, allowing cGMP to open and expand blood vessels for the flow of blood to easily reach the penis and cause a long lasting, hard erection throughout sexual stimulation.

Before taking Generic Levitra to treat erectile dysfunction, men of any age should first understand the medical conditions and medications that should not be combined with Generic Levitra. If you still chose to take Generic Levitra to combat ED, you should talk with your primary care physician about having regular doctor visits to monitor your health while on Generic Levitra with a medical condition (such as diabetes, heart disease, liver or kidney problems and blood pressure fluctuations) or while on another medication (such as nitrates and alpha blockers). can lead to severe conditions, including hypotension, heart attack, or stroke.

Before taking Generic Levitra, you should first speak to a medical professional to find if Generic Levitra is right for you and what dosage you should take. Levitra doses come in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg tablets. Most men are started on a dosage of 10mg, however, older men that are prescribed Generic Levitra might be started on 5mg due to their heightened susceptibility to the side effects of Generic Levitra, such as temporary vision problems, headaches, nausea, and facial flushing, as well as blood pressure fluctuations and chest pains.

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