Advantages of online pharmacies and generics

What is the difference between generic and brand name drugs? If you are asking yourself this question or are trying to find the answer online or elsewhere you are about to learn one very surprising thing. Brand name drugs and generics are the same, with the exception of their price, and maybe the way you pill looks like. Then how come their prices are so different, you may ask, and they are offered with prescription at your local pharmacy and with no prescription required at an online drugstore?

What’s that about? The thing is – brand name drugs are produced by large companies, usually the ones that discovered the active ingredient that has beneficial effects on the health. These companies have already spent a lot of money on researches, trials, studies and that sort of things – and all that cost them a fortune. There is also heavy advertising aimed at persuading as many of you as possible that this is the only way to recover soon – to buy the expensive drugs bearing a beautifully engraved brand name and the name of the company.

Generic drug manufacturers simply do not have the money for all the advertising, and they manage to keep their prices low for you to buy a lot of medicine. At the same time generic drugs are not in any way worse than brand name medications. They contain the same active ingredient and their quality is controlled by independent international organizations. There may be of inactive ingredients that are different from the original drug, but these have no effects of your treatment and are not that important. As a result of more and more generic drugs manufacturers appearing you can buy most prescription drugs without prescription faster and cheaper than anywhere else. We give you a comprehensive comparison table of the most advantageous online drugstores for you to enjoy your shopping and benefit from your treatment.

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